Diamond Integrated Technology - (DITECH)
My research is focused on creating integrated structures in diamond to couple to the light emitted from colour centres, with the aim of building new devices for the quantum era. Colour centres in diamond arise from the replacement of a carbon atom in the diamond lattice with another element in the periodic table. While these defects are quite stable in the diamond bandgap, it is possible to excite them to a higher energy state by applying external light from which they will eventually relax by emitting a single photon, making them a very promising candidate for Single Photon Source (SPS) applications

Journal Papers

  1. L.Marseglia, K.Saha, A.Ajoy, T.Schröder, D.Englund, T.Teraji, J.Isoya, F.Jelezko, R.Walsworth, J.L.Pacheco, D.L.Perry, E.S.Bielejec, P.Cappellaro
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    In preparation.

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    High resolution spin sensing with NV centers in diamond,
    In preparation.

  3. A.Ajoy,Y.-X.Liu, U.Bissbort, K.Saha, L.Marseglia, M.D.Lukin, R. L. Walsworth, P.Cappellaro.
    Towards a spin radar with NV centers in diamond,
    In preparation.

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    selected for Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science \& Technology, 23, 14 (2011)

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  13. M.Negri, L. Marseglia.
    Recognition and Normalization of Time Expressions: ITC-irst at TERN 2004.
    awarded as second best system at TERN-2004 competition - Technical report (2004)..

Book Chapters

  1. L. Marseglia.
    Fabrication of Photonic Crystal coupled to NV center in diamond with Focus Ion Beam.
    Advances in Photonic Crystals Advances in Photonic Crystals (2013)..

  2. L. Marseglia.
    Photonic Crystal coupled to NV center in diamond.
    Photonic Crystals - Innovative Systems, Lasers and Waveguides (2012)..

Conference Papers (Selected List)

  1. Tailoring the diamond: Nano fabricated structures coupled to Silicon-Vacancy Centres in diamond NanoMRI 2015, The 5th Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NanoMRI) Conference, Waterloo - Canada. 27-31 July, 2015.

  2. Tailoring the Diamond: micro/nano - structures coupled to colour centres on the diamond Photon 14, the UK's premier conference on optic and photonics, London - UK. 1-4 September, 2014..

  3. Tailoring the Diamond: Microwave structures surrounding nano-fabricated solid immersion lenses registered to single emitters in diamond on demand DPG Regensburg13, Deutsche Physikalische Gesellscahft - Spring Meeting, Regensburg, 10 - 15 March 2013.

  4. Nano-fabricated solid immersion lenses registered to single emitters in diamond Photon 12, the UK's premier conference on optic and photonics, Durham - UK. 3-6 September, 2012..

  5. Precise micro-fabrication of structures to enhance photon collection from diamond color centers CLEO11, Laser science to photonic applications, Baltimore - U.S.A. 1-6 May, 2011..

  6. Diamond Structures coupled to N-V centre on demand QCMC 2010, The Tenth International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computation University of Queensland, Brisbane - Australia 19 - 23 July 2010..